Online chats that lead to real love!

These different ads of cool dating platforms have done their work. I had seen so many ads with sexy beauties in the catalogue so one day I decided to try this option.

After my registration on findbride, I noticed that there are really so many pretty girls. There seemed so many pretties from the first sight, not because other dating sites have less beautiful women, but because the quality of the photos and videos are way higher. Even the most ordinary woman who had a cool photo session can become prettier.

So, I liked this experience of online communication right from the first minutes of my registration. All the women were so friendly and sincere when speaking about their real intentions. They shared about their painful break ups and the desire to find true love online with a foreign guy. Some of the women didn’t believe in the relations with Russian men because they couldn’t find the right guy for so many years.

After such ladies’ orientations into real relations I became more serious towards my own plans. I wanted to build serious relations as well and I did it. The thing, which helped me to find my love was a specification of my own goals. I decided to find my love and I met Inga.

We chatted only for a month and after that, I asked her for a real meeting. She was shocked with my preposition, but agreed with it. So, I flew to Kyiv and I was met at the airport with the site’s expert. She helped with the organization of our first meeting and gladly agreed to meet me and help with transfer.

When speaking about our first date, it was as ideal as I planned it. Inga is the most tender and elegant lady whom I have met in my entire live. At first, she was a little bit shy, but an hour of my sincere stories has changed everything and she felt more comfortable.

After this first meeting, we had several more dates and even some huge quarrels according to our life plans. Nevertheless, it turned out to be just okay for us.

Sorry, but right now I don’t want to share all our plans and intention, but I hope that in the shortest possible period I will write one more article with all the details about our charming wedding and awesome honeymoon.