Love stories can happen, just search for your person!

On the 8th of September my friend married a woman from Ukraine. As you’ve understood I was on his wedding and James was the happiest man. This event had pushed me to a decisive step in my life I registered on Though at the very beginning of the site’s usages I accepted it more like joyful story. I expected new acquaintances, learning another culture and traditions.

So, I signed up, filled in some major lines in my profile, added my photos and began the usage of the platform. I had no troubles during the registration and it took me only a few seconds.

I began surfing this dating website immediately after the registration. I contacted some women, also I received some messages from the other users. I actively used this dating website for several weeks and I was delighted with this new experience. Judging on the profiles, which I reviewed, I сould say that most of Ukrainian and Russian women were so pretty.

The following morning I checked my messages and I received a letter from a new member. It was Vika, a charming girl with very serious message. She wrote that she wanted a recommendation from me about one situation. Of course, I helped her, I won’t share this hard life situation that Vika should overcome. This trouble united us in some way and we became close friends.

Every day we chatted or at least left a letter. And every day I found out something new about Vika. She became a special lady to me, the trouble was that I didn’t want to ruin our friendly relations with a real meeting. I thought that I would spoil everything and we wouldn’t be such close people any more.

Sometimes fate does everything that doesn’t relate to your real intentions and desires. I wasn’t planning a trip to Ukraine. The case was the following: I had a business trip to Poland and Vika arrived there for the friend’s birthday. In such a situation, my refusal would look like a cowardice. So, we met in a cool restaurant in the center of Warsaw. When I saw Vika, I forgot about our friendly messages, she was a gorgeous woman. I fell in love with her from the first sight and I tried to show this with all possible gestures and words. I noticed similar emotions from her, though she was more reserved.

After our first day, I couldn’t stop thinking about my beloved lady from Ukraine. So, I flew to her country two times and on my second arrival I made her a proposal. I didn’t think that she would agree, because it was too quickly. And my bothering had proved, she asked me to give her more time. So, now we are communicating every day like a real couple and I hope that in a short time period we will be closer and she will accept my proposal. I am so glad that I met my love and I have so many plans about our future together, she should just support me.