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To begin with, I had a long story of positive and almost horrible relations with different ladies. Some of my girlfriends I met online, but usually I got acquainted with women at the parties or in the cafes. After a break up with my girlfriend, I decided to try luck online.

When I created an account on, I had no requirements to my future bride or some plans how this relation may develop. It was totally unpredictable situation and you could not plan it or choose the right pass. First couple of weeks my communication was standard, I greeted women and found out some basic info, because profile data wasn’t enough for me. Some acquaintances stopped after several messages without any explanations, some continued but were boring for me. So, with time I tried not to continue useless chats with all the women. Predominantly, I chose girls who were interesting for me or interested in my personality. Both variants worked good in my case.

One day I received rather strange message. I girl whom I chatted with two month ago contacted me and she felt sorry for her absence without any explanation. I liked Arina from the first letters, but then she abruptly disappeared and I thought that I was not her type. I was offended, but such situations occur in online world and I accepted this fact.

I didn’t expect anything special, though our communication became rather intimate. She was so sincere and I tried to do the same. In several weeks, I almost fell in love with this pretty woman. The only question was why I didn’t experience this when we contacted the first time. I couldn’t explain this fact clearly. At one point, she invited me to Ukraine and I decided to fly there.

Arina met me at the airport and we took a long walk to her favorite restaurant. Such a comfortable place with very delicious dishes. From the first minute of our real communication, this girl impressed me with her sense of beauty. She was so elegant, her manners and knowing how to present herself was awesome. I was lacking such things in my personality and that’s why it impressed me.

The next day was better than the previous one, when it was time to return back to hotel I didn’t want to leave her any more. She had the same feeling I saw it in her eyes.

This short week end that I spent in Ukraine has changed my life forever. I met my beloved and experienced incredible emotions. In a week or so after our meeting, I proposed her and we had a small ceremony in Ukraine. We invaded only relatives and then had a honeymoon in Italy.

My personal recommendation, for all who are reading my story, is try to be more determined in everything you are doing. Relationship planning is so important and if you spend more time bothering about your future marriage, you will get more in return. Every step depends only on you, so don’t blame anybody in your troubles. You are responsible for your actions and only you can make life better. So, stop waiting for the miracle and register your account on find-bride-review. If it helped me, I think I may help lots of other lonely people.