Our almost ideal love story

Hello guys! I had usual life prior registration on find-bride-review.com. I worked, had some weekends and then it stared again. Almost, every day I returned home exhausted and even at home I didn’t feel any kind of relaxation or relieve. Nothing surprising and unpredictable occurred in my life and the feeling of loneliness haunted me all the time. So, I decided to be more active in terms of relationships that I needed.

To begin with, I read lots of dating sites’ reviews before I chose that one. I had some important criteria. Find-bride-review.com had all of them. I searched a platform with strong anti-scam policy, pretty ladies in the catalogues, low prices and convenience in communication. All of these, I found on find-bride-review. But personally I think that every users should find his/her ideal platform for communication; because the success of any online acquaintance totally depend on the chosen online resource.

When speaking about my personal love story, I couldn’t call it too romantic or unforgettable. This is simply a story about two lonely people who desperately wanted to have family happiness. We are from totally different backgrounds, life experience and much more, but we were united by one goal. It is hope for the better life.

She is Olia and frankly speaking she is the most kind-hearted, sincere and family-oriented woman that I have ever met. Now I am so proud when thinking that this gorgeous beauty will be my wife.

We chatted approximately for 4 months. We communicated almost every day, sent some romantic messages and I think that we became really close to one another. I knew everything I wanted to be aware of prior our real date in Ukraine. And I thought that she also knew lots of about me. Due to our virtual communication and constant chats we decided to have a real date earlier than I planned. Of course, you cannot be sure that the lady you’ve chatted with online will be identically such a person as you drew in your imagination when chatting with her. Sometimes expectations are just expectations.

So, when I flew to Ukraine and met her the first time, I had some strange emotions. I saw the woman from the photos, her words were the same but I felt that she was a stranger. Like a person, I have never communicated with. I noticed her reaction; she was also a little bit confused. But we had the second and the third date, and everything changed. We discussed our first date, laughed at our first reactions and even found the reason for it. Maybe, these are just our guesses, but we came to one explanation that we are introvert and both of us wanted to have a partner who will be extraverted.

On our fourth day together, I decided that I didn’t want to leave her anymore. So, I stayed in Ukraine as long as she needed to explain her relatives our situation and to quit her job. Now we live together and plan our future wedding and even discussing the names of our kids. So, I am grateful to all this experience and I can recommend everybody the usage of online services.